About us2


Why the wine art?

It's about the satisfaction of connecting. We belive that knowing and connecting to the origin of the wine you are drinking increases the experience. Just like the process of producing a fine wine, the creation of the maps takes time, determination and accuracy. Allowing things to take time is both important in a fast-paced world and necessary to be able to guarantee the best outcome. We believe in slow food, time and quality is nothing that can be compromised.



We belivie that you who are reading this appriciates finding and selecting your favourite regions and that it gives you a great feeling to have them on your walls at home. We also believe that you are a person who appreciates being surrounded by unique and beautiful things. Therefore, it is important to us that the maps are both aesthetically pleasing and detailed. Our wine maps are nice to gather around, look at together with your guests and share wonderful wine memories about. 


Who we are

First of all of course we love wine and art. We are two Swedes Elin Ascherg and Linnea Hellström. Elin is the more artistic one and has worked with clothing design, art and interior design. Linnea has a background as a project manager and in marketing. 

- We go to Liguria every summer and then I like to drink their local wine with a pasta vongole. Otherwise, I am fond of white Burgundy and dry Riesling, Elin.

 - I am a Pinot noir lover by heart! Espesially those that are a little more aromatic. And lately I have started to buy a lot of dry white wines from Hungary which I absolutely recommend trying, Linnea.