Wine is known to be the drink of gods and many of us have a vast interest in wine. We let ourselves be lured into the world of wine, we open our senses and our fantasies. Sometimes it takes us to a certain place or evoke a special memory. However a glass of wine is related to joy for most of us, and it often extends outside the drinking moment. It's like planning a journey, we long, plan and discuss it. Why not extend the experience? Whenever you open a bottle of wine your eyes can travel over the terroirs and find satisfaction when it hits the goal. You get a deeper understanding of its origin and the map will hang there as a reminder of the delicious wines you've tasted or wish to taste one day.

Today we offer wine lovers a great selection of their favorite wine regions. The intention is to grow the collection with help from our customers, so please continue to email us with wishes in new maps, that means the world to us. Our aim is that you as a customer will get that proud library of your chosen maps - a conversation piece you and your guests can gathered around and share winestories with each other about. 


The process of creating our wine maps is time-consuming. It demands a lot of research, complete accuracy and aesthetic skills to achieve the high standard we intend to remain for each new map. Quality can not be compromised, therefore we have carefully chosen to print on an exclusive fine art Hannemuhler paper for its subtle structure and elegance.



A determined mind and a wild mind met through family contacts and they understood right away how they complement each other. Frame vs. content. With a common interest in wine, food and beautiful object an idea started to take shape and from that on Brushery was founded.